All you may need to know about us


Here in Blazbo Technology we gather specialist from all IT related fields  to produce best mobile apps, offer unique IT solutions, design website and many other IT services. Our mission is to facilitate people and business owners life and help you  save money with our creative and efficient products.

We’re ambition to produce various software and offer different types of services to customers and industries around the world.

We are looking for new ways to help you use IT services in advance

Are you looking for new ways to remove unnecessary tasks in your business? Do you want to upgrade your business to handle it easier and offer high quality services to customers?

latest products

We have great products for business like restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and other related places to facilitate their job. Interactive restaurant menu, Digital BlazMenu and BlazWaiter are tablet based applications which offer unique services to both business owners and their customer.

IT solution

On the other hand, our creative and cost effective IT solutions give us chance to have customers from middle east and pacific Asia. IT solutions help businesses to cut expenses and increase total profit. read more

social media

Managing social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are our services to those how really care about their customers. Social media management is efficient way for any size of businesses to make permanent connection with their audiences. read more


We are so proud to say customers are satisfied with results they have got from our SEO – Search Engine Optimization services. Blazbo SEO experts are able to bring your website to search engines top results page. If you ignore SEO, you ignore visibility. read more

mobile app development

Mobile app development is main demand for many companies who want customers to use services in smart phones and tablets. We’re developing application in all popular operating systems like Android, IOS and Windows Phone. We can make huge differentiate in your business. read more

We can offer you many ways to overcome problems, simplify tasks and achieve desire results. Feel free to talk to us about your ideas or problems in your business.  Keep in touch with us