Display BlazMenu


Cost saving restaurant menu

more vivid contents

contains images, video, description, history, materials and etc

wireless   connection

Edit and update menu’s content by few clicks from POS

money saving solution

Don’t have to redesign and print new menu anytime

customer more attraction

Customers enjoy to work with digital menu instead of usual one

Just imagine every time you want to make modification in menu like adding or removing items or even change texts , you must pay to print new menu.

If your menu design is old then you must pay to redesign and print new one. Every modification on normal menus is costly based on paper material and design you want to apply, on the other hand you’re limited to decision you made, because change menu design frequently is time and money wasting.

Display BlazMenu is a digital restaurant menu that let you transform exist menu into Android or Apple IPad tablets by the POS application that connected to them.  You can add, remove, edit and update all menu contents by just few steps.

As it seems this is just to display and there is no interaction with cashier to get orders. Customers are able to check menu, surf images, description, material, price and item’s history. Vivid environment, easy to surf user interface, category based items and various images attract them to check more items.

By using Display BlazMenu you don’t have to spend money to redesign and print papers-based menu anymore, you don’t have to worry about updating price and images anymore all will be done by few clicks at the time by you.

Display BlazMenu let you to change prices, add new images, write description and materials for each items, remove unavailable items from menu and update all tablets from cashier just by a click.

  1. Save money
  2. Save time
  3. More control on menus

How does it works?

Display BlazMenu in nutshell

pass Display BlazMenu to customer instead of normal menu or install on tables

customers surf digital menu, check categories, images, item’s description and other info you have inserted

waiter will take orders as usual after choosing by customer

don’t spend money to print new menu when you want to make changes. Digital BlazMenu is full flexible as you want

as a restaurant manager you can change all menu’s content and update all tablets just by a click

tablets are connected to POS to get menu latest modifications

Why should I buy Display BlazMenu?

  • To make difference between you and other competitors
  • Do not spend money for updating your menu texts, images and items price anymore
  • Don’t spend money to renew old designed menu
  • Be able to do modification on menu anytime
  • If you don’t want to involve customers in ordering process directly
  • Comprehensive control on menu
  • Easy to modify and update menu any time
  • To modify your menu by yourself easily anytime
  • Customers keep your name and your unique services in mind
  • Great and enjoyable experience for customers
  • More attractive for customers
  • Increase number of bills
  • Increase average bill value
  • with
  • without

Display BlazMenu characteristics

  • Wireless connection – no Internet require
  • Support both Android tablets and Apple IPad
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple image support for each item in menu
  • Easy to modify and update menu text and images by restaurant management
  • Remove unavailable items from menu easily
  • Display items description, material, history, price and ingredient if you want
  • Call waiter any time by customers
  • Menu vivid environment and attractive images
  • Unique design
  • Control and update tablets by restaurant management easily
  • Category based menu
  • Add sections like daily food, promotions
  • Get comprehensive information to customers about items
fully customizable
easy to modify
attractive for customers
reduce cost and time saving
easy to work with for customers
usability in compare to normal menu

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