Interactive BlazMenu


Effective restaurant menu

No waiter involvement

Customers check restaurant menu in tablet, select and place order themselves

wireless   connection

Orders transfer from restaurant digital menu to cashier by a user’s click

orders management

Track, modify and update orders in cashier by POS

restaurant menu content

Change menu’s content from POS by few clicks

Interactive BlazMenu is a restaurant menu on tablet using for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels and other related places. By using it customers place order themselves not by waiter application or normal ways.

Having menu, promotions and offers in Apple I Pad or Android tablet as a digital menu is great idea to make menu more effective and attractive.

Instead of using normal menus or simple digital menu, by Interactive BlazMenu customers use tablet to surf, select and place order. We tried to make it more attractive for people to check items.

Connection between tablets and cashier make it easy to manage orders. Just by few steps you can change anything about items in menu.

Looking at digital menu and select orders is attractive and easy to use for customers. Customers can do many things with menu like reading description, compare prices, leave a note for chief, change categories and finally place order. The big point is that your staff is free to serve other customers.

On the other hand, attractive images, descriptions, order customization and beautiful designed menus are new experiences for your customers. It helps to feel great in choosing and placing final order by using interactive restaurant menu.

Interactive BlazMenu main goals are to keep it simply in both customer and restaurant management side. It will keep your unique services in customer mind for a long time.

Using this app is a way to combine all steps like having digital menu, waiter order taking application and send orders to POS together. We want you to increase service accuracy, profit and customers satisfaction by removing unnecessary tasks from your business.

  1. Increase total profit
  2. Save time
  3. Decrease costs

How does it work?

Interactive BlazMenu in nutshell

Give interactive BlazMenu to customer instead of restaurant normal menu

Customers can add new items to order or remove old one any time they want

Customers check images, description, material, history, categories and place order

Customers can call waiter any time they face problem in working with Interactive restaurant menu

Orders transfer to POS by a click from interactive restaurant menu

Cashier is able to track and manage orders by POS

Everything designed to be as simple as possible with effectiveness

Why should I buy Interactive BlazMenu?

  • Make difference between you and your competitors
  • Customers keep your name and your unique services in mind for a long time
  • Make order taking an easy process for your customer
  • Make whole order taking process so fast
  • Increase number of bills
  • Decrease service time to people
  • Increase average bill’s value
  • Decrease total waiting time for customers
  • Improve orders accuracy
  • Easy process to track and manage orders with Point Of Sale app
  • Don’t spend money for printing new restaurant menu anymore after you update menu’s content
  • Easy to change and update menu any time by yourself
  • More attractive for customers to check menu by tablet in compare to normal menus
  • No need to place orders by waiter and cashier manually anymore
  • Keep customers privacy
  • Combine digital menu and order taking application together
  • with
  • without

Interactive BlazMenu characteristics

  • Wireless connection to cashier
  • No Internet required to make connection to tablets
  • Support in both Android and Apple I Pad Tablets
  • Multilingual (English, French, Arabic etc.)
  • Easy to work
  • Support multi image items in menu
  • Easy to change and update menu’s content by restaurant management
  • Remove unavailable items from restaurant menu any time you want
  • Placing orders by customers not waiter
  • Display items description, material, history, price, ingredient, etc.
  • An option to select food ingredient by customer
  • An option to customize orders by leaving comment for chief
  • Call waiter any time by customers
  • Calculate cost and show bill to customer in tablet
  • Vivid and beautiful user interface in menu
  • Print confirmed order in the kitchen and cashier by POS
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Control and update menu by cashier easily
Fully customizable
Easy to modify
Customer attraction
Less steps and time saving
Easy to work
Increase profit

free POS application included

As mentioned, to store orders in cashier, there must be POS application to save all orders and data. Data contains number of orders, tables, table’s orders, items in detail and other related information.

After purchasing interactive restaurant menu from us, you will have a free POS which is able to handle all tasks in your restaurant.

POS application makes safe connection between tablets and cashier. By this way you have comprehensive control over tablets, menu’s content and you can modify menu just by a click. It’s so straightforward and easy to use application for everyone with any knowledge.

Interactive BlazMenu POS characteristics:

  • Install on all computers like laptops and PCs
  • Multilingual
  • Huge number of necessary reports for restaurants like
    • Show top sale items
    • Show top sale day in a week and month
    • Number of sale in specific hour, day, week, month and year
    • Get average bill values
    • Sales reports by drawing  graphs
    • Top sale tables
    • Add, delete and update items from tablet’s application
    • Update menu just by a click
    • Change menus content
    • Drag and drop interface
    • Edit orders from cashier
    • Print orders for kitchen
    • print bills

Many other options are available for Point Of Sale application and you can ask us to add the one you want.

  1. Free POS application
  2. Control all tablets
  3. Management tools

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