Waiter tablet app for all restaurants

job effectiveness

Remove unnecessary steps in your business

wireless   connection

Orders transfer from waiter tablet to cashier

order management

Track, modify and update orders in cashier by POS

as easy as possible

take order, send to cashier, share with kitchen by restaurant waiter tablet

Removing unnecessary tasks from your business help you to do jobs easier and improve your services quality.

In all restaurants, bars, hotels, Coffee shops there are steps repeating every day. These steps are taking customer’s orders on paper, pass it to cashier, cashier insert them into POS and then pass a copy to kitchen. It’s a time for kitchen to prepare orders and bring them to the table. What if we can remove some of these steps to improve whole the process by a simple IT solution?

BlazWaiter is order taking application install on waiter tablet. It helps you to remove unnecessary steps in taking order from customers, send it to cashier POS and share with kitchen.

Instead of writing customer orders on paper, waiters insert orders into waiter tablet application which installed on Apple I Pad tablet. A few clicks required to place order and share them with cashier POS application. It’s not customer self order taking application like Interactive BlazMenu or just a digital menu, every thing handle by waiter on tablet in BlazWaiter app.

Waiter tablet simple and easy to understand user interface let waiters to place each order as fast as possible.Waiter can share order with wireless connection just by a click. Waiter tablet can add or edit orders and notify cashier for any changes.

Wireless connection to cashier let you to control all tablets. You can add, remove and update items from each tablet and cashier. We tried to design and develop a way to remove unnecessary steps in business and then run others faster.

  1. remove unnecessary steps
  2. save time and effort
  3. cut costs

How does waiter tablet works?

Easy to take, share, edit and update orders

BlazWaiter in nutshell

Carry small size waiter tablet instead of usual paper and pen to take order

Cashier adit and update waiter tablet, track order taking, share orders to kitchen and modify orders manually

Restaurant menu is in waiter tablet with latest changes

Waiters are able to edit and update orders by waiter tablet

Orders transfer from waiter tablet to cashier at the time

Cashier POS have control over all orders and waiter tablets

Why should I buy BlazWaiter?

  • To make difference between you and other competitors
  • To reduce steps in order taking process
  • One click share orders to cashier and kitchen
  • To hava smooth running business
  • Easy order taking process
  • Increase total number of bills
  • Less service time
  • Less waiting time to bring orders for customers
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Simple to track and manage orders
  • Customers keep your name and your unique services in mind
  • new and attractive for customers
  • Easy to modify and update waiter tablets any time by yourself
  • Less wastage
  • with
  • without

BlazMenu characteristics

  • Wireless connection to cashier
  • Multilingual
  • Simple and easy to work user interface to increase order taking speed
  • Save orders in cashier automatically if you want
  • Easy to search items in menu to increase order taking speed
  • Remove unavailable items from waiter tablet easily by cashier POS
  • Change item’s name, price and etc anytime you want
  • Show list of orders in waiter tablet before sending to cashier
  • Add or remove items in order easily
  • Leave a note for chief for each order by BlazWaiter
  • Show bill amount in waiter tablet and cashier
  • Search orderd based on tables number
  • Select table number before taking order by waiter tablet
  • Print orders in kitchen and cashier
  • Edit and update orders from cashier POS and tablets
  • Control and update tablets by cashier
  • No Internet connection required
Fully customizable
Easy to modify
Less unnecessary steps
Easy to work with
Time saving
Orders management

free POS application included

As mentioned, to store orders in cashier, there must be POS application to save all orders and data. Data contains number of orders, tables, table’s orders, items in detail and other related information.

By purchasing interactive restaurant menu from us you will have a free POS which is able to handle all tasks in your restaurant.

POS application makes safe connection between tablets and cashier. By this way you have comprehensive control over tablets, menu’s content and you can modify menu just by a click. It’s so straight forward and easy to use application for everyone with any knowledge.

BlazWaiter POS characteristics:

  • Install on all computers like laptops and PCs
  • Multilingual
  • Huge number of necessary reports for restaurants like
    • Show top sale items
    • Show top sale day in a week and month
    • Number of sale in specific hour, day, week, month and year
    • Get average bill values
    • Sales reports by drawign graphs
    • Top sale tables
    • Add, delete and update items from tablet’s application
    • Update menu just by a click
    • Change menus content
    • Drag and drop interface
    • Edit orders from cashier
    • Print orders for kitchen
    • print bills

Many other options are available for Point Of Sale application and you can ask us to add the one you want.

  1. Free POS application
  2. Control all tablets
  3. Management tools

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