Search Engine Optimization – SEO


Having high ranked website with real visitors is a key to success

SEO is a way to get more related visitor for your website

Website and SEO are essential keys for any type of businesses these days. It doesn’t matter you are a big size company or new founded startup. You must have website to talk about your abilities, introduce products and services you offer. You let visitors to check website information anytime they want.

According to researches more than 1 billion websites exist on Internet till September 2014 for more than 3 billion Internet users. More than 75% of web traffic coming from search engines. It means search engines lead people to websites rather than they come to you directly. So the question is how to get more visits over competitors?

Generally there are two ways to have new visitors for a website. People must have website URL – website address – or search about it on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

No one knows your website as you do. It’s critical to get traffic from search engines , people use them to get most related websites to keyword they searched. Normally search engines index website’s contents to make effective searches and help users find more relevant content on the web.

It’s so important to optimize websites for both search engines and users to get higher rank in searches result.

SEO is a non-advertisement process to get traffic from search engines for real visitors. The effective way for businesses to be at Google first page result for specific searches and keywords.

There are several steps in doing SEO and optimizing websites to be search engine friendly. SEO is not a day or single time process but very effective to get more visitors on website and even a part of website.

No excuse to ignore SEO

To optimize any type of website we must know how does search engine operates? What do they like and how to get more traffic after all?

We’re doing SEO services for all types of businesses and personal websites for years. It doesn’t matter it’s on page or off page optimization, our background shows that we can do it together to get visibility on people searches.

What is on page SEO?

On page search engine optimization related to all tasks about optimizing your websites content in order to rank higher, it does refer to website’s code and content.


What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO is not just link building, it is all activities beyond a website like social media management and connectivity, link building and other related issue that bring more traffic to website.

What is keyword optimization?

Keyword optimization is the way to optimize website to rank for specific keywords. It’s like your business is in restaurant field and you want to get proper rank when people search about restaurant or other related topics.

Why should go for SEO?

  • First because others are doing same
  • Get more visitor from search engines like Google and Bing
  • To beat competitors and make chances for yourself
  • Get potential customers who are searching on web about your industry
  • Change potential customers to real one
  • Be on Google’s first page result
  • To get more traffic for website and introduce services to visitors
  • More visit means more sale and profit
  • SEO is cost effective investment on your business
  • Help people to find your website and it’s services
  • Bold and show your abilities to people
  • Build strong trust over your business for visitors and customers
  • Invest on what return you back more
  • Make more opportunity for your business

Visibility is a key to make differentiate



Small size businesses

Small businesses mostly focus on local and new markets. Search engine optimization is a vital solution to get more attention in this situation. Hard effort and making innovation are main part of doing SEO for local businesses.

Big size businesses

Finding big size companies in the market is difficult and tricky process. Blazbo experts know how to deliver results to you from market by doing customized SEO process for short and long term situations

Content is a Gold

Content is the first thing we care about for your website. Search engines really love websites with easy to read, long and high quality content. Blazbo experts will generate or optimize exist content to get best result from searches

Pay Per Click

If you’re not patient to wait for SEO results, Pay Per Click (PPC) is the other way to get instant result from search engines. By targeting market and audiences we will make traffic for you website as soon as possible.

How does it work?

Focus on your market and potentials

Study and analyses competitors and your customers

Specify targets and goals

Keyword study, start SEO processes

Start raising up your website rank on search results

Achieve goals

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